Fast Hamster


  1. charles ngo says:

    yea!!! toonhole doesn’t take the holiday off. Is president day a real holiday???

    Love the comic, poor hamster

  2. cheesybacon says:

    i love how the hamster wheels are mounted baha

  3. Haha! Hamster wheels are funny. I used to have hamsters and their babies would get their heads stuck in the wheel and they would die. Poor little pink things.

  4. SE@n says:

    dude, same thing would happen to my hampsters, it was cool to make necklaces out of them though

  5. EricW says:

    Hahaha, awesome comic.

  6. Zackass says:

    i lol’ed

  7. Lepah says:

    Even Hamsters can be pigs 🙁

  8. SIL says:

    HAHA!!! This is hilarious! Awesome stuff!

  9. Leo says:

    Great comics. Loved ’em! I’m too lazy to comment on everyone I liked.