Viking Rudy’s First Pillage


  1. kirun says:

    I’m so proud of him
    pretty soon he’ll have his own beard.

  2. jim says:

    this suuuuuucks

  3. DIECHRISA says:

    why dont you guys go fuck yourself. im a viking and my first pillage was nothing like this. The women did all the throwing of people. dumb.

  4. Brock says:

    what he lacks in size, he makes up in viscera!

  5. Ricky says:

    I really like this one

    • Thanks dude. looks like super cute ultra-violence hit a chord. I’m working my way up (or down?) to super cute pre-schoolers eating brains of their care takers and chainsawing limbs. Just easing the humor in.

  6. SE@n says:

    you bunch a sillys

  7. ryan says:

    nice man. vikings are sweet. you know what else is sweet. mel gibson is preparing his next film as a director. it will be a viking movie, an epic film much like braveheart and apocolypto, and it will use an ancient nordic dialect. it will star leonardo dicaprio, and according to mel, it will put the “V in Viking”

    i love mel gibson. nice toon nassar.

  8. Nigrey says:

    Hah 😀 “rudy” in polish means red hair and there are many jokes about people with red hair. And nobody trusts them -,-

  9. Lucien says:

    Unfortunately Rudy was then skewered upon the viking hats.