Final Dinosaur Wish


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! This became my new favorite!!!

    I wonder if it’s Kreiner is a previous life?

  2. Chris says:

    hahahahah, hilarious comic

    awww, he wished for darwinian evolution! how cute!

  3. George says:

    This is funny Mike…..keep it up guys

  4. Aaron Paetz says:

    haha! Silly Dinosaurs.

  5. kirun says:

    he wished wrong.

  6. cheesybacon22 says:

    such a cute dinosaur, all thats missing is a cock bulge on the meteor

  7. Dude. you’re right! I didn’t think you liked that sort of dingle humor.

    But here, I made it better for you:

  8. i got another set of revisions in from our marketing dept. i don’t think they’re sfw:

  9. Aaron Paetz says:


  10. cory says:

    dude, way cool

  11. Grant says:

    This is racist. My dad died this way.

  12. Adam says:

    HAhahahahaha! I love it!

  13. ryan says:

    love it nassar. everyone is submitting quality work. keep it up.

  14. SIL says:

    That’s awesome. Love it!

  15. Wendy Peng says:

    Wahhh hahaha!!!!1 one
    The revisions are smashing as well!

  16. Lepah says:

    Haha it’s like Woody Harrelson in that shit movie, 2012. The only decent part was much like this “It’s soooo beautiful!” Awesome work Mike! LECHEIM!

  17. Kasper says:

    “Dear shooting star, I wish I didn’t have to do homework anymore…”