Puke Chicks


  1. Cheesybacon22 says:

    haha the subtle things like the babies being in eggs is twice as halarious… i cant wait for the next one!!

  2. HAHA! I like that the puke has little hairs in it! Nice one Krames.

  3. Erin says:

    So funny! And delicious!

  4. Chris says:

    the recipe:

    1 part frozen banana, 2 parts funnel cake.

  5. SE@n says:

    tee heee haw haw, i just wish there were something new everyday. What am I supposed to do on the internet till tomorrow!!!???

  6. gladys says:

    id like to think i follow ryan kramer closer than anyone… peering through windows… rummaging through his trash… this site makes it that much easier to stalk rymazing kramer.
    thank you toonhole.com!!!

  7. Pops says:

    The little one in the back seems to really be enjoying the puke – must be the funnel cake…this site is f****** funny!! keep ’em coming!

  8. I know, that little guy has so much pleasure and happiness in his face. What more could a mother give, I ask you.

  9. KampfeFuchs says:

    Nasty idea! I wonder if the mother knows it’s more amusing the kids, and did anyone else see that the parent had a a sort of duck bill, whereas the chicks had pointed beaks?