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We just got a picture from the hilarious João Parreira, the winner of our 2016 CAPTION CONTEST, all the way from the Netherlands!

joao (1)

We sent him signed copies of our newest collections of comics and the original inked artwork for the caption contest illustration.

Want your own copies of our books? Need a gift idea for your friend or relative? Want to leave something anonymous on your enemies door that will be sure to leave them puzzled for days? Well, our books are for sale on Amazon right now!

04_GreatestBookEverWrittensmall_350Click here to get a copy of “THE GREATEST BOOK EVER WRITTEN BY CHRIS ALLISON” by Chris Allison!

BookCover_1aClick here to get a copy of “DON’T LEAVE ME HANGING” by Ryan Kramer!

##book_350Click here to get a copy of “BETWEEN A ROCK AND A SOCIALLY AWKWARD PLACE” by Chris Allison!

Worried that you live outside the United States of America and you can’t participate in the fun? Worry no more because Amazon ships these babies internationally for us (but sorry to any intergalactic alien fans, our merch is still limited to Earth).

Looking forward to doing the next season of animated content, long format comics, contests, and other fun!
The ToonHole Gang

Welp, that’s a wrap for our SEASON 2! Hope you guys enjoyed some of the films, comics and contests we had! It’s back to our regular scheduled content from here on out.

Here’s a Season Recap in case you missed anything! First up we had the Alzheimer’s Cop cartoon:

Then we tossed out a hilariously frustrating film called Pissed:

We followed that up with Dirtbag Planet:

Then we dropped a 30 page epic titled “Peace Treaty of Death” starring Dallas T. Washington. You can start the series here:

And lastly we had our 2016 CAPTION CONTEST! We had +150 entries and you can read all of them here:
Congrats again to our winner, João Parreira!

Until next time, ToonHooligans! Thanks for watching and stay tuned for more!

The Gang

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